"Life Not Wasted" (Men's)

There's no excuse for a wasted life. And there's no reason to spend life wasted. #LifeNotWasted

Recovery is tough, but never forget that you are the one to give yourself purpose. Your life is not wasted. Want to feel like a hero? Wear the "Life Not Wasted" shirt while out and about to let people know that their lives are also significant. Everyone can use a little help. 

This soft, American Apparel men's tee is your loudspeaker. Use this tee as a way to tell those you meet that their lives are important and that they are in charge of their own direction. Be a leader. Be a friend. Be compassionate. 

Wear it sober. Wear it proudly.

Just a reminder: every dollar spent helps us build AddictionRecovery.com. Buy a shirt and build your Karma.

Type: T-Shirt

Vendor: Addiction Recovery

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