"Refuse to Sink" (Women's)

You have the strength of the entire universe within you. You can do it.

We can talk at length about how life can pile up and feel overwhelming, but we trust that you already know how that is. Focusing instead on how you refuse to sink keeps us in a place where you are able to handle just about anything.

You are self-sufficient and capable of treading water. Keeping your wits about you and staying afloat is made just a little easier when you are in the right state of mind. This women's American Apparel tee distills the inward conflict into something visible, something relatable. Refuse to sink.

Wear it sober. Wear it proudly.

Just a reminder: every dollar spent helps us build AddictionRecovery.com. Buy a shirt and build your Karma.

Type: T-Shirt

Vendor: Addiction Recovery

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