"Spiritually Fit" (Men's)

Spiritually fit. Spiritually aware. Spiritually sober.

The Spiritually Fit men's American Apparel tee tries to encompass all aspects of our being into a complete and balanced experience. Just as important as your physical and mental fitness, your spirit needs to be built up and strengthened.

A strong spirit may just make the difference when it comes to staying the course and forging ahead with your recovery. Don't make the mistake of taking that part of yourself for granted. Consider this men's American Apparel tee as a spiritual muscle shirt of sorts. Show off your spiritual pride and confidence to any and everyone. 

Wear it sober. Wear it proudly.

Just a reminder: every dollar spent helps us build AddictionRecovery.com. Buy a shirt and build your Karma.

Type: T-Shirt

Vendor: Addiction Recovery

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